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Mandarin Pop - Mandarin and Lemon Deodorant Stick 70ml

Mandarin Pop - Mandarin and Lemon Deodorant Stick 70ml

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Our deodorants sell out super quick so they will now only be available on pre-order! 

Mandarin Pop  - Mandarin and Lemon  Deodorant Stick 70ml 

** This deodorant is Bicarbonate Free!

Scent description:

This citrus has more character than bergamot, and is also more bitter and greener. This note is different because its scent is impregnated with the skin of the citrus fruit, it brings a big smile to the fragrance.


CANDELILLA CERA,  Maranta Arundinacea Root,  Butyrospermum parkii (Shea Butter),  Citrus Nobilis Oil (Mandarin Oil), Citrus Medica Lemonium (Lemon) Peel Oil. 

How to use: 

This product is 100% plastic free. To use the cardboard tube push the bottom of it to release the product. If the product doesn't come up simply warm up the tube between the palms of your hands. 

Store in cool, dry place to prevent he deodorant from melting. If you find that this happens - store it in the fridge for better results. If, during the colder months, your deodorant hardens too much - hold it against your skin and let your skin warm up the product. 



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Based on 13779 reviews

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Wow! This is magical!

I'm a coffee addict and couldn't resist buying this, especially with a free delivery promotion.
Thank you so much. It's amazing.

I have noticed from the first use of this product that my hair was really shiny.

Morning glow cream

Amazing product. Makes your skin look and feel awesome. Great frangrance too

Great little shampoo bar

Excellent shampoo bar, lathers nicely and works well for my dry/curly hair. Recommended.

Just lovely

My hair smells and feels amazing.

Good quality

Takes some getting used to as it very sharp, but good quality

Rose quartz deodorant

Excellent deodorant worked well even in the extreme heat.

Shuffle dust

Feels really soft and silky on your skin. Very nice product

Light and fabulous!

After two weeks of daily use I give this face gel both thumbs up!
Very light and not greasy, absorbs immidiately without leaving a film on the skin, plumps and moisturizes really well.
Little amount goes a long way.
I will definitely reorder after my jar runs out.

Lavender & Bergamot shower bar

Oh the smell of this bar is amazing! It lathers easily with a lovely creamy lather. Absolutely love it 😍

Lovely shampoo

I love this product- I will continue to buy it. Its plastic free, leathers deliciously and leaves my hair feeling great

Love it.

Great product, goes on easily and is really hydrating and soothing.

Apple Shine conditioner bar

Lovely conditioner bar, I would recommend it and I will buy again.

Lathers up really well. Hair is squeaky clean after using.

On the fence

When I first got this, I was in love with the scent, and after using it, I was really happy with it neutralising any body odour from sweat.

However, the third day in (I showered and reapplied daily) I noticed I smelt a bit odd, and it was really off putting.

Not sure if anyone else noticed, as I don't spend time with others, but it really bugged me so much I had to go wash.

Not sure what caused this, but decided to try again, and again on the third day, same thing happened...

So not sure how I feel about this product to be honest.

Love it!

I needed a new serum and thought I try this one as I was spending a lot more on previous products. I absolutely love it, you don't need much to apply and it makes my eyes feel great. I keep it in the fridge and feels even better when applying and cools the eyes down when needed

Makeup brushes

Order these brushes at a very good price dispatch quickly received them today. Good quality brushes in a lovely bag can't wait to use them .

Good little primer

This surprised me as its in a pot and sort of like solid foam. Honestly a little goes a long way id say pea size. Great smell too. Worth the price


Lovely thickness - goes a long way, very mild but gorgeous smell that is not overpowering. Works all day in 34 degree motorcycle leathers too!!

a bit gritty

it's ok. a good natural product - but a bit gritty. if it were ground finer, then I'd give it 5 stars.

I like it

I personally really like this. It reduces the redness and although the container is tiny, you dont need to use much of it so it is good value.


Love this product. My skin can be bith oily and dry in certain areas, and this not only feels fresh but works great. The bottle is small but you dont need too much of it so it’s been great.

Love this

Love this! Bought it a few weeks ago, it feels refreshing, nice scent and makes my skin super smooth.

Clean teeth but very bad taste

Leaving this here so you know what to expect (I really wish I had read a review before buying): the taste is quite bad, to the point where I thought it might have gone off (tried it as soon as it arrived). It’s eco-friendly, pastic-free, does clean the teeth and leaves a nice sensation and breath afterwards (hence the 3 stars). But be advised that it tastes absurdly salty and just… bad.

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