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Jungle Green Steel Razor Set

Jungle Green Steel Razor Set

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Green Jungle Steel Razor Set

This razor is a sustainable alternative compared to overly priced plastic disposable multi-blade cartridge packs, which is HUGE annual saving on blades.

With its textured bamboo handle, this safety razor offers a firm comfortable grip, allowing you to shave with exceptional control and precision. It also has a double edged design to provide a smooth shave on your delicate skin.

  • Steel Edge & Blade
  • Pack includes x1 Razor
  • 2x packs of 5x blades

Changing blades:

Depending on how well you care for the blades our safety razor can last up to 10 days. It also depends on the length if your hair and how you store the razor.

If you shave every day on e.g. face, armpits or legs 5 blades should last you around 2 months.

For longer lasting of blades make sure you wipe your blades down and store your razor in dry place (do not leave in the bathroom as the moisture that fills the room will blunt the blade faster).


  1. Simply unscrew the stainless-steel head
  2. The two parts will separate
  3. Place the razor blade in between the two parts of the head
  4. Screw back into place and its ready to use

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