Charcoal Bamboo Delight - Heavy Makeup Remover Pads - 12pc Set

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Would recommend

Nice and soft on my face especially around eye area. Keep shape when washed. Why 4 stars? I would find them easier (more comfortable?) to use if they were oval - slightly wider - rather than round as this would make it easier to 'weave' through fingers to hold but that's just my personal preference.

Rachel N
So soft

Lovely and still soft after washing. Using to apply toner.

Chris Sharman

Love these. Works well. Easy to wash. Teenager daughters love them.

Jacqueline Crockford
Excellent Eye Make Remover Pads

I've been searching for good reusable eye make up remover pads for some time so am thrilled with these. They are as soft as a cotton wool pad & stay as soft even after multiple washings. They remove eye make up, even mascara without dragging on my eye lids. They are easy to wash, I just pop them in the wash bag provided & even on a light cycle using Delicate wash liquid, they come out clean. I love them.

Anna Dacey
Excellent make up remover pads

Excellent for removing make-up. These pads are a good size, very absorbent and very soft. The colour means they don't look manky when removing eye make up and I wear a lot of liner and mascara! 12 pads is enough to use 3 every day and chuck in the wash twice a week. Wash really well. I've bought these as stocking fillers for my family too, they're so good!


The Charcoal Bamboo Delight Heavy Makeup Remover Pads – 12 Piece Set

  • Our 12 Piece Charcoal Makeup Remover Pad Set are Antibacterial and designed with a three-layer technology to deeply clean skin to remove any impurities and dirt from skin.

How to Use

We recommend our Standard Makeup Pads for Water Soluble makeup. Whereas, our Charcoal Pads are better at tough to remove makeup that are prone to leaving stains. It's also better for removing Mascara and other tough to remove cosmetics. 

  • Antibacterial 
  • Dehumidification
  • Strong Absorption
  • Deep Cleansing of Skin Pores
  • 3 Layered Design


Why Swap?

Most makeup wipes can take up to 100 years to break down in landfill, and even those which are compostable have carbon pollution embedded in their ongoing production and distribution. Not mention the plastic packing they come in!


Even when you decide to flush your makeup wipe down the toilet, you're contributing to blocked sewage systems and leaving sewage workers to fish out your 'convenient' makeup wipe just for it to be placed in a landfill site.

Our Charcoal Reusable Makeup Pad Remover Set can help fight the problem of millions of wipes ending up at landfill sites and at the bottom of the beautiful ocean. Our Charcoal Pads are good for use with tough to remove makeup, mascara and waterproof makeup.

    Set Includes:

    • x 12 Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Pads (Made from drying & burning of bamboo which is then embedded with cotton!)
    • x1 Washing Bag

    Our 11 Piece Charcoal Pad Set vs Our Makeup Remover Standard 16 Pad Set?

    Our Standard Makeup Pads are better for use with makeup remover oil, cleanser & makeup hydrating creams. Our standard set also includes Terry pads for removing makeup more effectively. We recommend our Standard Makeup Pads for Water Soluble makeup. Whereas, our Charcoal Pads are better at Tough to remove makeup that are prone to leaving stains. It's also better for removing Mascara and other tough to remove cosmetics. 

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