LITTLE ECO POINTS is the ultimate loyalty scheme,

earn ECHO points and claim FREE gifts + exclusive offers!

The more your spend the more you trend

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LITTLE ECHO POINTS is a loyalty scheme to reward our customers with discounts, FREE gifts and exclusive offers that you can't turn down!
ECHO Points = exclusive LITTLE ECHO only rewards, so the more you spend the more you trend! So the more eco points you accumulate, the more exclusive rewards get unlocked!
Remember… ECHO points = FREE & EXCLUSIVE Rewards!

How can I earn ECHO Points on Little Echo Points?

You can accumulate eco points by making an order, every 6 points = £1! Celebrating a birthday, joining us on Instagram and other social platforms are all fair game for eco points! 

How do I turn my Echo Points into free gifts?

Log into your LITTLE ECHO POINTS account and select the gift you wish to redeem. If you have accumulated enough eco points the gift will automatically add to basket, it's that easy!

Do Little Echo Points rewards have an expiry date?

Yes, all items will have an expiry date between 6 and 12 months. Sign into LITTLE ECHO POINTS to see which items are near expiry. If you are 3 days from your reward expiring, you will receive an email to be notified, we got you!

How do I opt out of Little Echo Points?

To opt-out of LITTLE ECHO POINTS please contact our customer support team and they will remove you from the LITTLE ECHO POINTS loyalty scheme. If you do opt out, any claimed Eco Points will be lost forever!

Can I transfer Echo Points to another account?

No, Eco Points are connected to your email address and cannot be transferred to a new email address.

Can I transfer a reward back to Echo Points?

Short answer yes! This reverse cannot be done through your LITTLE ECO POINTS account so please contact our customer support team who will be more than happy to do this for you!

How often are new products added?

New rewards are added weekly, to be the first to know sign to LITTLE ECHO POINTS newsletter! Remember, only limited quantities are available are items usually sell out very quickly!




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