Micellar water, what's the difference?

Sure, it looks just like regular water, but in fact it’s packed with a whole host of cleansing benefits for your skin!

As a super gentle (rinse free!) cleanser, it’s a beauty editor’s best friend that lifts impurities and make-up without harming your skin’s protective oil barrier.


The science behind My Little Eco Shop's Get More Naked Micellar Water is actually pretty smart, it's packed with tiny structures called ‘micelles’, these clever little cleansing bubbles actively attract make-up and impurities like a magnet.

They trap and dissolve dirt, oil, and make-up, lifting them off your skin (via a soft, reusable pad), without disrupting your skin’s natural lipid barrier. 

The benefits

Unlike some foamy cleansers, which can strip our skin of its natural oils leaving it feeling dry and irritated, micellar water cleanses skin of make-up and impurities without upsetting its natural balance!

It effectively removes make-up, cleanses, unclogs pores, tones, and instantly boosts skin’s hydration all in one step, no rinsing required!

“Micellar water boosts your skin’s hydration level by 90%.”

How to use

Pump the micellar water onto a cotton ball or cotton pad and lightly swipe or dab dirt and makeup away!

There should be no oily residue, and no need to rinse with water — unless you’re doing a double cleanse.

What we recommend..

Get More Naked Micellar Water

Available in tea tree, lavender & witch hazel!

  • Removes stubborn makeup effectively
  • Removes makeup & impurities like dirt & excess oil from your face, leaving you with clean, fresh skin
  • Removes makeup gently



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