What is double cleansing?
Cleansing should be the most important step in everyone's skincare routine but is one cleanse good enough to remove all the dirt from your skin? Especially for those who wear makeup double cleansing is undoubtedly an essential habit to get used to. There is an array of products that will help you remove your makeup. At My Little Eco Shop we offer we offer:
Micellar water - a very popular product that we added our own twist to. Our Micellar water is scented with Pear Fragrance Oil. We recommend a couple of sprays onto a makeup removing pad to help you remove even the most stubborn makeup from your face.
Makeup pads? We've got you covered! Our Charcoal Bamboo Heavy Makeup Removing Pads are  designed with a three-layer technology to deeply clean skin and to remove any impurities and dirt from skin. Pair them with our micellar water for your FIRST STEP OF DOUBLE CLEANSING.
We understand that not everyone likes using makeup pads on their face that's why we have other options for you. Our Chamomile Makeup Remover is suitable for the removal of make-up on the face and around the eyes and has proved effective for waterproof mascara in our trials. 

Just take a small amount of product on the fingertips and massage into face, then remove with a muslin or re-useable wipe. The product can also be used as part of a hot-cloth ritual, if desired.

If a cream product is something you would prefer to use to remove your makeup because you don't wear a lot of heavy makeup on the daily. Or, if you don't wear make-up at all because you are working from home..  An ideal cleanser for everyday use, it is mild but cleansing and incredibly hydrating. Ideal for maturing and dry skin types.
Once you have removed your make up its time for the SECOND CLEANSE!  Our Brand New Morning Tea Cleansing Oil is made with organic oils and a silky substance derived from sugar beet & coconut, this oil is truly luxurious to use.
Apply a small amount to damp skin, gently massage onto the face and around the eyes. Then rinse thoroughly and gently pat skin dry with a soft, clean towel.
If you prefer to take your cleanser into the shower, we offer a variety of solid cleansers that will make a great addition to your double cleansing routine.  Dead Sea Mud Olive Oil Soap removes dead skin cells and impurities. Salts and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, natural tar and silicon compounds are the rich elements of the Dead Sea Mud. They are providing effective relief for skin disorders including acne and eczema.
Once you have taken your heavy makeup off with one of the products in the first step of your double cleansing routine and your skin feels irritated and in need of moisture and cooling sensation our Freely Fresh Cucumber Cleanser will give you all that and more! It will help your skin restore and regain vitality. It is also a great product to start your day with to give your skin some much needed TLC. 


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Mary Brannigan

Mary Brannigan

It is unclear if you use the cucumber cleanser with water? Please let me know.

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