The Power of Minimal Packaging
The Power of Minimal Packaging
We all love interesting packaging, loads of tissue paper, branding and colours but most of the time we don't think of the impact that we are making on the environment every time we "treat ourselves" to products that come packaged with excessive branding and boxes. Packaging is often left in the last stages of production. Focus is placed on the designs rather than materials. Materials usually include things like plastic derived from polyethylene and polypropylene.
What is eco friendly packaging? 
There are normally two types of packaging. Packaging that is permanent and packaging that can be recycled, composted or biodegrade. Some of the permanent packaging include glass and aluminium. Those two can be widely recycled or reused. Our products are mostly packaged in aluminium. Known as the green metal, aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly metals because of its sustainability.
Then there is cardboard and paper - recycled materials! this is what our orders come in. Those can be fully recycled in the UK. None of our boxes contain any non recyclable branding on them which would automatically decrease the likelihood of them being recyclable. 
Minimal Packaging Revolution:
Le't become the revolution that our world needs. As a small brand we work as hard as possible to deliver products that are packaged as sustainably as possible but we need your help! Choose wiser and shop smarter! That's our advice for today. Being a conscious consumer will eventually change the world. If we spread the word, encourage others we will then become the leaders of the biggest change our world needs. Cancel that shopping trip and do your research first. Learn your symbols & teach others. 
Wanna do MORE?
Get crafty! Peel those labels off and reuse your jars, bottles and tins. There are many ways our containers can be used and here are just a few ideas we'd love to give you in order to prevent you from throwing away your containers. 
1/ Got some paint laying around? Paint your bottle from the floral water or hair oil you've just used up (and obviously washed the bottle very well!) and pop some pretty, wild flowers you've picked on your Sunday walk in them. 
2/ Run out of your favourite facial oil? Get yourself some essential oils & create your own fragrance!
3/ Looking for a better way to store your spices? Peel your shampoo or conditioner bar label off your tin and use the tin for your spices. Write on the tin or print some cute labels and voila!
4/ Utilise your bottles to store products for your camping trips! Pop your cooking oil in that bottle you are about to throw away

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