The Magical "Upside Down Tree" Oil And Its Benefits!

What is baobab and why would I put it on my face? 

Baobab is a tree with "the lost fruit" seeds that are paced full of magical ingredients and made into oils 
Here is what a baobab oil looks like: 
Hey! but what are the benefits of this oil and why do I need it in my life? 
Some of the main benefits of this (there are sooo many!) include:

1. Protecting your skin from air pollution - antioxidants  

As much as it may not be possible to protect your skin from pollution fully, baobab and the antioxidants in the "fruit" oil will help create a protective barrier for your skin. We all know that importance of protecting ourselves from pollution in the air everyday and, even though products on the high street may offer multiple different products to help with this - they're mostly not plastic free and vegan!

2.7X MORE Vitamin C strength comparing to other citrus oils

Looking for your skin to be plumper and firmer? Vitamin C needs to become your best friend! This amazing ingredient will make your skin look more youthful and smoother. Oh wait! One more thing - Vitamin C will also add glow to your skin and take away any dark/dull patches. 

3. Contains Potassium

Potassium - known for its cell renewal properties. This means that your skin will appear more youthful and glowy. Low potassium, as well as fatigue can cause dry skin, acne and blemishes. Potassium in baobab oil will help eliminate those problems smoothly. 

4. Preserves collagen on your skin 

As well as adding hydration to your skin collagen will make it firmer and improve its appearance by adding plumpness and reducing wrinkles. Collagen is known to add "bounce" - making your skin appear younger. 

5. Vitamin B 

Some say that Vitamin B can help with skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. However, the main benefits of vitamin b for skin include the reduction of blemishes, acne and its anti-inflammatory properties. 

6. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Does this even need to be explained? We all want our fine lines and wrinkles to be GONE! Baobab offers this benefits and much much more. 

7. Balances oil production

8. Contains Calcium

Skin that lacks calcium becomes dry, fragile and dull. However, when applied to skin through baobab oil it combats all of those skin issues as well as bringing along its anti inflammatory properties. 

9. Crops help people in areas that grow it 

Due to the demand for baobab oil becoming higher and the beauty industry loving its benefits areas that grow it become busier making more work potential and opportunities for communities. 

10. Anti inflammatory properties 

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