Scrubber - Shopping Ethically Shouldn't Cost the Earth
1/First of all, we would love you to share the story of your business with us in a short statement - where and how you started and what inspired you. 

Scrubber is owned and operated by us, Siu-see & Scott.

We initially started making our own personal care products close to 6 years ago, when we were broke graduates who struggled to find natural and plastic free options that we could afford.

Over the years, we continued to refine our formulas and give them away as presents to friends and family (converting almost all of them to natural deodorants along the way!)

We started Scrubber because we wanted to introduce a more affordable option that is more accessible to all. Natural, eco-friendly products tend to be much more expensive as they are more expensive to manufacture, but we wanted to create an option that was as affordable as possible.

We really want Earth saving products to be for everyone, not just the people that can afford to pay the premium, so created Scrubber

2/As your own boss and a small business owner how do you juggle your work and life and ensure that you don't work too much?

We are both used to the freelance lifestyle as we are both performers alongside running Scrubber. In fact, we launched Scrubber as we were both a bit adrift at the beginning of the pandemic, having had all our tours/festivals and appearances cancelled.
We love being able to set our own hours and days. In all honesty, it's very difficult to shut off, the mental aspect of running a business and all the myriad responsibilities and little stresses of that is much more exhausting than actually manufacturing the products!

3/Where do your product and branding ideas come from? 

We wanted our products to look a little different to the usual neat, minimalist branding you see on most luxe eco products.
We wanted it to feel colourful and vibrant, so adopted some of the aesthetics of the 60s counterculture and early 70s psychedelic rock movement.

4/What is your best advise for people starting small businesses that you wish you knew when you were starting?

The best advice is to just go for it.
Both of us have always had an entrepreneurial streak, but have always been too cautious to really commit in the past. While I don’t advocate being irresponsible with your finances or life, there is an element of fearlessness that I feel is necessary to get any business owner over the hurdles of actually getting up and running!

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