FairyBalm - A passion that turned into a full time job!
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1/First of all, we would love to know about your business, how you started and what inspired you to start Aroma Body Treats. We would appreciate if you could give us a short statement explaining your journey and outlining things that inspire you.
At a point in my life I really felt the need to connect back to my roots, and this is what inspired me to start FairyBalm. At first I didn't intent to start a company I was just making lip balms, creams and deodorants for myself. I was crazy about learning how to make soap. Gradually my friends started asking for products, and their reactions to my products urged me to think about starting a business. My inspiration to all what I'm doing today is my grandmother.
I was brought up to learn exact sciences to excel at math and accounting and have a career in that field.  Growing up, I saw my grandmother enjoy nature, her connection to healing plants was very strong, and if you had any ailments, she knew what type of tea to mix for you.
 After starting a career in accounting I wasn't really happy, and it made me realize it's not my path. This is when I decided I need to live a different kind of life, and this is where my grandmother's lifestyle really inspired me. 
2/So, FairyBalm - Where did the name come from?
So I believe in fairy energy. And this is not the kind of fairies we imagine and see on TV. By Fairy I mean the  archetype of the healing woman. That's why our logo is also a very natural and playful woman surrounded by flowers. It also depicts love for life, a sort of humor and playfulness. Balm comes from the healing balm that my grandmother used to make. But here, I use it in a wider sense, because I believe anything we do with love and dedication becomes special and can have a beneficial effect on others. 
3/As a small business owner, what's your work/life balance like? Do you ever stop working (haha)?
Oh no :)) I never stop. In the beginning as specially, even if I was out with friends, I would still be thinking of my business. My mind was racing and it can be very tiring to do that. Starting my own business, and specially something that I am passionate about, helped me learn how to take care of myself, how to always make time for myself to meditate, or just sit with a cup of tea and admire my flowers, basically practice anything that is uplifting, as specially before I start my day.  
4/Where do you get your ideas from and motivation to keep going? Are there any particular websites, films, social media profiles that you motivate you to keep going?
The good thing about being passionate about my business is that I don't need anything special to keep me motivated. I just love doing it. It is my creative expression, it really brings me joy. I remember when I was first looking for courses on how to make soap, because I really wanted to learn, and back then there wasn't very much information about it on the internet, and I was so disappointed. This was 10 years ago, and I didn't give up. Also the joy that people experience when buying my soaps is just indescribable. Lately I had customers saying "I just want to buy something" and I was asking "yes but what would you like?" The response to this was "anything, they look so good I just want to buy something, because there's so much love in them". So this really keeps me going. I feel like I'm making a difference, even if on a small scale, it's still worth it. 
Yes, I do follow fellow soap-makers, because it's just so rewarding to see other's success and it also helps me believe in myself more. Watching others enjoy their journey helps me express myself more through my work. It washes away my mental boundaries, if that makes sense. What I mean is, that I don't take myself so seriously anymore and if something doesn't turn out the way I imagined it it's not the end of the world. :)
For my inspiration I believe that I have to make the products I believe in, which is a pretty steep niche: natural, vegan, handmade, plus natural packaging. That's really steep, specially the natural part, because it cuts out so many scents that people love and are used to, through other commercial products. But it's just who I am, and what I believe in.
 So for the looks of my products I'm very much in them, I guess... I keep them clean and elegant, and I play with the beneficial effects of essential oil blends, because each blend is unique and they helps so much with changing our emotional state for example from a  heavy heart to being uplifted and serene. 
 I also love to admire the beauty of what others make, because they express their own uniqueness and that helps me follow mine. So I wait for the right moment for my intuition to kick in and tell me what to do. We are all unique in making products even if it's the same type of product and I believe that this is how we bring more value to others, by being ourselves. 
5/Is there anything that you'd tell yourself who was starting FairyBalm? Words of advice?
Yes, I would definitely give myself advice. :) My words of wisdom to myself, is to believe in myself, don't let worries get the best of me, because when I was first starting out I really didn't know I would come this far. And I would tell myself You are capable of so much more than you think. So believe and play. Enjoy making all kinds of products play with it, explore everything and don't take yourself so seriously. Playfulness and exploration will take you far. Also, don't let others tell you you can't. Don't listen to those who want to bring you down. 
Thank you very much for this opportunity I really enjoyed answering these questions. 
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