Beauty Industry and plastic
“The norm is to pack beauty products in plastic. Annually, the beauty industry produces more than 120 BILLION units of packaging globally. Only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled, and about 12% incinerated and all the rest — 79% — ended up in landfills, dumps, or the natural environment.”
As statistics currently stand, eight million tonnes of plastic is predicted to be making its way into our oceans each year. A trend, which if continued, will mean we’ll have more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050, according to the United Nations.
Still, it’s small companies that are pushing the envelope, while larger companies are taking that first step (with e.g. L’Oréal Paris planning to begin their journey to sustainability only by 2050!), minimizing plastic and creating a larger demand for recycled plastic. There are ways you can increase environmental awareness and reduce the footprint of your daily habits, and you don’t have to look far, as your daily plastic journey starts a few moments after waking up.
What can YOU do to make a difference?
1/Switch to solid shampoo and conditioner
(80 billion shampoo and conditioner bottles get thrown out globally each year)
2/ Switch to products in recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging
3/Switch to deodorants packaged in sturdy paper tubes or jars with metal lids
4/Switch to a bamboo toothbrush 
5/Stop using wipes to take your makeup off!
(They cause over 93% of blockages in UK sewers and are even changing the shape of our rivers as they pile up on beds and banks with booming 11 billion wipes used in this country every year)
Instead try our micellar water and our re-usable makeup pads!


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