7 (alternative) Ways to Use Soap

7 (alternative) Ways to Use Soap


Everyone has a bar or two of soap lying around their house. Here are 10 ways to use up your toxic big-name brand bar of soap so that you can make the switch to natural...

1. Soap could be just the trick to filling those unsightly holes left by hung pictures and mirrors. Rub a bar of similarly coloured soap into the hole to fill it out and disguise the gap - genius!

2.  If your shoes are starting to smell, try using a bar of soap to freshen them up. Wrap a bar of soap in a piece of kitchen paper, place inside the offending shoes and leave overnight. Wake to find them smelling as fresh as the day you bought them!

3. Foggy lenses can be a real problem in Winter. If you wear glasses, this use for a bar of soap will definitely come in handy.

Wipe a small amount of soap onto your lenses, then use a piece of kitchen roll to buff off - it will keep them crystal clear whatever the weather.

4. Before you dig in the garden or do an oily car repair, dig your fingernails into a bar of soap. The soap will prevent the soil or grease from getting under your nails.


5. To keep clothes smelling fresh, even when not in use, place a bar of soap wrapped in fabric and tied with string or elastic band in with them.


6.  With a good lather and sharp razor, bar soap does just as good a job as shaving cream.


7. Soap is an essential ingredient in homemade laundry detergent.  Just add some washing soda, borax and baking soda to save money on every load. Homemade laundry detergent is even safe to use in high efficiency washing machines.  


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