☀️Positive News Of The Week! ☀️
☀️Positive News Of The Week! ☀️
It's that time of the week! We are here to give you positive news. In this weeks edition we won't only be focusing on the environmental new but all interesting thinks we could find that we know our customers would love as much as we do! Because at the end of the day - we are now a green community!

1/ This Italian invention will put a smile on your face:



Throughout the planet this problem has reached an unacceptable level of criticality.

The impact of human beings on the planet has been devastating.
Regardless of the consequences, waste of all kinds has continued to be dumped into our seas.

One of the waste that has made his presence felt so strongly is plastic!

Plastic waste is collecting in the oceans in “plastic islands”.

The biggest of these is the great pacific garbage patch.

Its dimensions are like those of Spain and Portugal put together.

Since plastic debris reaches the oceans via rivers, it takes 20 years to reach these “islands”.

We must therefore go to act on the problem before these waste come out of the rivers." source: https://rivercleaning.com

2/ The social enterprise Family Foraging Kitchen

A social enterprise providing foraging walks and heritage craft courses across Cornwall.

"The Family Foraging Kitchen is dedicated to tackling food insecurity by providing quality and affordable wild food education. As a C.I.C., a percentage of the profit made from our ticketed foraging walks allows us to provide the same educational opportunities to those experiencing finanical hardship for free. We believe that all people should have access to foraging knowledge and wild food education, giving them the confidence to access nutritious, sustainable, local, fresh food." source: www.familyforagingkitchen.co.uk


3/ High optimism linked with longer life and living past 90 in women across racial, ethnic groups

"Boston, MA – Higher levels of optimism were associated with longer lifespan and living beyond age 90 in women across racial and ethnic groups in a study led by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“Although optimism itself may be affected by social structural factors, such as race and ethnicity, our research suggests that the benefits of optimism may hold across diverse groups,” said Hayami Koga, a PhD student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences studying in the Population Health Sciences program in partnership with Harvard Chan School and lead author of the study. “A lot of previous work has focused on deficits or risk factors that increase the risks for diseases and premature death. Our findings suggest that there’s value to focusing on positive psychological factors, like optimism, as possible new ways of promoting longevity and healthy aging across diverse groups.”" source: www.hsph.harvard.edu


4/ 'Superworm' with appetite for polystyrene could be key to mass-scale recycling

"A ‘superworm’ with an appetite for polystyrene could be the key to plastic recycling on a mass scale, according to a new study.

The species iscapable of munching through plastic waste  thanks to a bacterial enzyme in their gut, say Australian scientists.

Dr Chris Rinke and his team at the University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences fed superworms different diets over a three week period, with some given polystyrene foam, some bran and others put on a fasting diet.

They discovered that the common Zophobas morio ‘superworm’ can eat through polystyrene" source: metro.co.uk


5/ Solar Covered Skyscraper Will Produce All its Own Energy

"Ubiquitous Energy, a start-up specialised in solar energy development, is raising tens of millions of dollars to turn windows into surfaces that capture solar energy. The Californian start-up recently announced that it had secured $30 million funding for the development of windows with integrated solar photovoltaic cells. Mass production of its panels could lead to a reduction in the carbon footprint in both the residential and office sectors responsible for 40% of world-wide emissions." source: www.pagerpower.com


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